Truck and Other Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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Lancaster, Pennsylvania Tractor-trailer driver not paying attention struck passenger car, killing Centreville family when fuel spilled and car ignited. GM also defendant. Case prepared and tried by lead counsel in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.(Blankingship & Keith assisted, but played a very limited role in this matter).
Prince Georges County, MD: Tractor Trailer lost control in icy roadway conditions on Route 95, in violations of DOT regulations against driving in dangerous conditions. Case settled in Prince Georges County Maryland circuit court.

$2,100,000 Settlement—Our client, an honors paralegal at the Federal Trade Commission, waited to cross 7th Street Northwest, in the District of Columbia. Her light turned green, and as she walked across 7th Street, in the crosswalk, with about 50 seconds remaining, a Metrobus wheeled around the corner from Pennsylvania Avenue, made a right turn, and ran her down in the crosswalk. The bus driver never saw her, and continued to drive; she grabbed a bike rack in the front of the bus and clung for her life, as the bus drove 37 feet down the street, stopping only when passengers screamed at the driver.

The impact of the bus badly fractured her lower back at L4, resulting in a Chance, or burst fracture, and the danger of paralysis. EMTs took her to George Washington Hospital, where she underwent surgery to implant 5 screws and two metal rods in her back, fusing together her bones from L3 to L5.

She suffered permanent injuries from the accident, chronic pain, restrictions in activities, early onset degenerative disease and anxiety associated with driving and buses. Our client tried very hard to recover, working with physical therapists and physicians, exercising to build her strength, and went on to attend and graduate from law school, participate in physical activities and refuse to be viewed as a victim. The defense physicians, however, commented that her injuries would affect the number of children she could have, and admitted that she was at a higher risk of suffering degenerative joint disease.

The parties agreed to mediation and the case settled several weeks before trial, in large part because of the remarkable nature of our client, and her courage and determination to try to lead a normal life.

AAA trash truck hit passenger car from rear in Reston near the Dulles Toll Road. Truck brakes were defective, driver was inexperienced and truck was overloaded. Case tried in Fairfax Circuit Court. Company offered $135,000 prior to trial; Jury Verdict of $2,025,000.
Clarke County, VA.: Tractor-trailer struck passenger car head-on, on Rt 340 (a one-lane highway) after driver failed to see car turning ahead of him. Case filed in Richmond, Virginia.
Fauquier County, VA: Tanker struck passenger car head-on, on Rt. 17, one-lane highway, after driver took eyes off road to adjust heater. Case settled in Fairfax Circuit Court as trial about to start. Nurse and mom of three seriously injured in wreck, PTSD and residual mild traumatic brain injury.
Multiple settlements for a young man seriously brain injured when a large dump truck crossed four lanes of I-95 north, jumped the guard rail and landed on the car he was in on I-95 south. He made an excellent recovery.
California federal court case on behalf of the family of a clergyman killed in car hit by a tanker; investigation revealed that tanker driver had been speeding, had been fired and rehired by his employer three times, and had amassed numerous moving violations.
Fairfax County, VA.: Tractor-trailer struck SUV at 10 M.P.H on Beltway in rush hour traffic; client suffered brain injury from impact of 60,000 pound truck.
Excavating company dump truck hit passenger car from rear. Driver inattentive, driving on suspended license. Case pending. Prince William County Circuit Court.
Richmond, Virginia; a career truck driver injured his shoulder during a delivery when the parking brake in his truck failed, causing it to roll down a hill. The driver had reported that the brakes were bad. The defendants attempted to fix the brakes, but failed to notify the driver that the repairs had not been completed.
Fairfax County, VA: Intoxicated driver of a delivery van ran red light and injured elderly woman.
Settlement for a television actor who injured his knee and head when struck by a dump truck hauling a load of asphalt with defective brakes in Reston, Virginia.
Fairfax County, VA: Tractor-trailer struck passenger car from rear on Washington Beltway, in Springfield. Driver was incompetent, on probation for prior violations. Case tried in Fairfax Circuit court. The driver of the truck had nine prior accidents and may have been using an on-board email system at the time of the wreck.
Fairfax County, VA: Catering truck backed over elderly maintenance worker in parking lot, fracturing his hip.
Fairfax County, VA: Tow truck struck and killed state trooper in the line of duty on motorcycle on Route 95 in Fairfax County. Driver not paying attention, using cell phone; problems with driver hiring and retention in view of criminal and driving history. Case settled.
Fairfax County, VA: Wife and husband injured on 495 when driver of television cable communication truck lost control and veered into oncoming lanes. Case pending.
Settlement for a physician injured when his car was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer on I-495.
Charlottesville, VA: Truck repair firm improperly serviced truck, leaving defective emergency brake. Truck driver hit after dismounting when truck rolled downhill after brake failed. Case pending.