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Dear Mr. Stoney:

I had hoped to be back after [client’s] doctor appointment to express our appreciation. We feel very blessed with the outcome and truly believe this was the best solution. We are grateful to you and everyone on your team especially Chidi, Riva, and Denise.

The way things were handled always demonstrated thorough analysis and attention to detail. The financial outcome exceeded our expectations and we think you did everything in your power to maximize that.

The thing for which we are most grateful, however, is the support and peace of mind that you provided to us during these past 2 years. You provided the "light at the end of the tunnel" at a time when our pain was paired with fear and despair of not knowing what to do. We have always felt you genuinely cared about [client’s] well being as well as ours.

Thank you and may God bless all you do.

-- parents of teenage client
This march 18th marks the 10th anniversary of George’s car crash. We all want you to know how much we deeply appreciate all you have done for George and our family. George is loving life! We think of you often and hope all is well with you and your families. With endless thanks and big smiles.
“I want to thank you so very much for all your hard work and personal concern for our most difficult and tragic legal issues. You are by far the best and most kind, concerned lawyer. ... Your professionalism, expertise, and thoughtful manner have been very much appreciated. I want to extend my personal gratitude for all you and Rob Stoney have done for us and our case.”

– from client note to Peter Everett
“You absolutely will not do better than Rob Stoney at Blankingship Keith in Fairfax. He has recorded some of the top results in the state over the last few years. I worked with him as local counsel in a bike collision case, and right before we mediated that case, he settled a bus collision case for $5.5 million while the jury was out. His knowledge of the law and local procedure is something that I heard local court reporters comment on during my case. I could not recommend him more highly and I am quite sure that he added very significant settlement value in my case.”
- An Atlanta lawyer to colleague in Georgia
Thank you so very much for giving me a second chance to start a new life. Thank you for all your dedicated hard work. I am a better person for having to met all of you and I will never forget any of you. My Heartfelt Thanks and Love
I learned a lot from this case, one thing being that you are a helluva good lawyer. I enjoyed working with you and your team. They are all first rate lawyers.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Not only are you guys brilliant from a legal and strategic standpoint you are also a lot of fun to have as attorneys! We really appreciate all your talents and all you have done and are continuing to do for us and for (our son).
Today is the 4th anniversary of the accident. Thank you for all of your endless hard work, understanding and for giving us an outcome that is beyond what we ever thought possible. . .
Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on the settlement on behalf of your client and to thank you for your thoughtful, professional and courteous demeanor throughout this case. Your client was fortunate to have you as her counsel . . . Now, if you will simply refrain from suing insureds of [my insurance company] in the future, all will be well.
Peter - again thank you to both you and Rob for being so brilliant. I was REALLY glad I was sitting on your side of the table last Friday and not in the Hot Seat across from you . . . As your client I could not be more pleased!!!
Mark [Towery] kicked my butt . . . He has a remarkable memory for cases and holdings and I think he impressed [the Court].
I am grateful to Mr. Stoney for his dedication, expertise and many hours he devoted to my case. He has done so much for my family and has always been patient and kind.
Peter: I have rarely been so satisfied in concluding a case for a client. My satisfaction arose from the combination of a deserving client, a just result and, perhaps most of all, a new acquaintanceship with a caring and imminently capable lawyer (in other words, the whole package). It would indeed be great to work together again, and I hope our paths cross.
I do not say this often, but you are the type of lawyer I would trust to represent me. There are NOT many of them.
Thank you, Peter. You do not know how your kindness and your ability as a lawyer has made some sense out of this nightmare. Thank Rob for me. I know that he was very important throughout the proceedings as well. I want you to know how much you and your staff have meant to me over the years. Since I had to go through this awful event, it was great to have you as a team. . . .You are all in my thoughts. But do know that you have really affected me in a positive way. At least I now have closure, on both the criminal and civil sides. God bless and keep doing good work for the victims or survivors of all those awful catastrophes.
Joyce and I really appreciate the way you handled our accident. You were efficient, always professional and very concerned with our welfare.
Mr. Stoney: I just wanted to say thanks again for coming to my rescue at the last minute like you did . . . you managed to turn a bad situation into a positive one.
"It has been a pleasure working with you during this most interesting case. You did a superb job on behalf of your client and demonstrated a professionalism that is, unfortunately, all too rare."
"On behalf of the entire bar, I thank you for having served so selflessly on the Access Committee. Few people have brought the passion, commitment and knowledge to their volunteer bar service [that you have]. Virginia’s less fortunate in need of legal service have never known what a champion for their cause they have in you. Thank you from them, and from us."
"I want to tell you . . . just how much I appreciate your contributions over the past years, not only to the LSCV [Legal Service Corporation of Virginia] Board, but the Access Committee and LSNV [Legal Services of Northern Virginia]. On behalf of the LSCV Board and legal aid programs throughout the Commonwealth, we are incredibly grateful for the support and leadership you have provided and hope you will continue it in some capacity in the future."
I don't think you know how special you are what would we have done without you I had called every lawyer, friends of mine for years and every lawyer in Va and any other state I could find and they all turned me down and then God sent me you. This isn't about the money it's about faith knowing your right and in desperate need of someone else knowing that trying to save your sons life and there you were.