Product Safety and Workplace Safety

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Fairfax Circuit Court action in which we secured a jury verdict for a young child catastrophically injured by defective window screen. The verdict was later reversed on appeal.
Plaintiff suffered facial and leg injuries when a power assisted wheelchair experienced a surge in power and overran the angled safety barrier on a platform lift.
Fairfax, VA.; A 15-year old special education student at a private school lost two fingers and much of the use of his left hand after it got caught in a defective dust collector in the school’s woodshop. The school and the manufacturer both accepted responsibility for the injury.
Richmond, VA: Truck driver badly injured when 8,500 pound steel bar dropped on his hand. Main liability issue was forklift safety.
Washington, D.C.: an unmarried parking lot attendant was crushed by an obstruction in a parking garage when multiple safety devices on a manlift failed to stop it from traveling above the top floor. The manlift had been serviced by one defendant two weeks prior to the accident and more than 20 safety code violations.
Richmond, Virginia; a career truck driver injured his shoulder during a delivery when the parking brake in his truck failed, causing it to roll down a hill. The driver had reported that the brakes were bad. The defendants attempted to fix the brakes, but failed to notify the driver that the repairs had not been completed.
Fairfax, VA.;truck driver burned when fuel vapor ignited while he refueled his truck. The hose sold to driver's employer was nonconductive, allowing a dangerous build up of static electricity. The defective hose sparked a fireball when it discharged.