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Truck Crash

Trucks are not simply big cars, and a truck wreck usually means far more than just a traffic jam. For the innocent victims of truck accidents -- those in passenger vehicles, on motorcycles, or pedestrians -- life-changing injuries and death are too often the catastrophic results. Many truck wrecks are directly caused by dangerous driving on the part of truck drivers. Because trucking companies often make unrealistic demands on drivers to "make time" and meet unreasonable deadlines, at times truck drivers push their trucks (and their bodies) well beyond reasonable limits of safety and alertness. But regardless of the many pressures they face, truck drivers have just one option when they are in any condition that's less than 100 per cent. That option is get off the road. Whether its because of truck driver fatigue, truck driver drug or alcohol use, truck driver distraction, or reckless driving, when truck drivers fail to make responsible decisions, wrecks that could have been prevented happen and people get hurt and killed.

On today's crowded highways, the margin for driver error is increasingly slim. Many of us have first-hand accounts of close calls and "near-death" experiences involving trucks that were moving too fast, following too closely, or simply coming out of nowhere like freight trains fallen off their tracks. Thousands of trucks of every variety pass through the major arteries of Northern Virginia each day, and too many of those trucks are driven by truck drivers with minimal regard for the safety of others on the road. Truckers are encouraged to speed and drive while fatigued, since trucking companies pay drivers by the mile, not by the hour.

Because trucks and truck drivers are highly regulated, the litigation surrounding truck accidents requires experienced attorneys in what has become a complex arena of personal injury law. A person injured or killed as a result of a truck accident needs lawyers with knowledge and experience navigating the evolving web of federal and state regulations that govern trucking operations, safe driving techniques, and documentation. Knowledgeable attorneys committed to investigating the many possible causes of truck accidents are essential to helping truck accident victims obtain just settlements and verdicts for their injuries.